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ABOUT GKG (G-Kart Grafix)

GKG G-Kart Grafix is a vinyl graphics product line developed specifically for the Kart Racing Industry by Comp-Cal, Inc.  

We custom design our graphic kits to fit full bodied racing karts for dirt or asphalt.  This includes Offset Karts, Sprint Karts, Champ Karts, Wild Thing Karts, Winged Outlaw Karts and Kid Karts.  We "print" all of our graphics kits on a 64" Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 Inkjet Wide Format Printer.  We print all of our kart graphics on Oracal 3165RA "Air Release" Vinyl and apply Oraguard 210G Gloss 3 mil Overlaminate for an impressive Gloss look.  The Oracal repositionable vinyl allows for easy "dry" application.  "Dry" application means applying graphics without the use of liquid solutions or water and no bubbles. The Overlaminate allows for not only UV Protection but also protects against the harsh racing enviroment as well as the occasional fuel spills. 

 GKG / Comp-Cal was founded in 2003 but has more than 15 years experience in graphic design and automotive custom artwork.  Comp-Cal is racer owned and operated. That is why our goal is to design a graphics package that best suits your budget and has a professional look. We want to supply Professional Services at  Competetive Price, that is why our business is named Comp-Cal Competition Decals.

We are located in North Carolina, so our state is still on a Stay At Home Order for the Pandemic so in order to keep our doors open and be able to complete orders whether online or local because we do more than karts, we are on limited hours schedule. 
We are only working Monday – Thursday 10am to 3pm EST, so we are doing our best to complete orders and ship them within that schedule since our work is not guaranteed to stay steady we have to take measures to make sure we will be here for the long haul.  
Thank You for your  understanding, patience, and of course your business.






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