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For our customers that are interested in purchasing our GKG Kart Grafix kits but want to view a design in their choice of color combinations with possibly numbers and names etc. before they purchase the entire order GKG can take a Design Deposit. GKG processes a payment of $25.00 that is taken as a deposit toward their order. This deposit covers the Design Labor to put their design preview together for their future order.

Once the design has been approved this $25.00 deposit is deducted from the order total value. Now this $25.00 deposit is non-refundable if the customer decides to not proceed with entire order, this deposit guarantees that GKG has been compinsated for the labor involved in producing the design for the customer. 

Now you probably ask: "Why does GKG ask for payment up front before I can view my design when other shops are not asking for this fee?"  We ask for this fee up front to guarantee that our design time is covered, we get many requests to view designs with specific color changes and number styles etc.  GKG has had people ask for this and we have done it before, but once we have submitted the design to them, they had decided they weren't ready to order or taken the design to another shop for printing.  This of course is frustrating because we have other customers who have pre-paid their entire order and are waiting for their design so they can approve it.  The Design Deposit helps us create layouts at a timely manner and manage our production time.

GKG hopes you understand what this fee is for and that it is only to help guarantee that all our customers are taken care of in a timely manner.

Thank you for your understanding. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Design Deposit is not an online design program, it is a payment towards the design labor that a GKG designer will put your layout together an email it to you for your approval.



Select the type of kart and body style you have, the color, the design you would like to have in your choice of color options, describe the changes you would like to the design, the number, the number style, the number colors, the driver name, the driver name style, and other items.  This deposit will get your design started before you purchase your entire order. Your Layout will be emailed to you and posted to Facebook for your approval within 2 to 3 business days (monday through friday) depending on current order workload.  During the months of January to May our work load is at its busiest so it may take longer to recieve your layout.



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