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Sponsor decal kits include (2) Decals one for each side of body

G-Kart Grafix also offers Sponsor Decals.  Whether you have a sponsorship from a small local company, a friend, or even from a corporate chain we can create the decals for your kart.

If the company has a current logo that they would like you to use, then to save yourself art charges you may want to ask the sponsor if they have their logo saved as a digital file such as a EPS, AI (adobe illustrator ), or a PDF.  These formats will be supported by our design software.   

If the company is small and does not have a specified logo, we can create some eye catching but simple lettering as well.

If a sponsor does not have the orginal artwork we are capable of reproducing logos by using jpeg photo images as well for an additional art charge starting @ $25.00 depending on the logo.

you can email logo images or files to decals@gkartgrafixonline.com



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